TBone Jones

Blissfully Unaware Since 1954

            Singer - Songwriter - Storyteller - Poet                       Country - Country Rock - Alt Country - Western

Welcome to the TBone Jones website. If you're here on purpose then I hope you find what you're looking for, or at the very least satisfy your curiosity. If you're here by accident then you might as well have a look around, you might fine something you like 

There's a selection of pages to go through (above right) and they're all pretty self explanatory so if you're wondering who the hell I am then they should be a good place to start, (I should read them myself sometime) another thing I should do is get somebody else to write this stuff, I'm obviously not very good at it.!

Enough of this inane babble, there's music to be heard, writing to be read, video's to be watched, information to be gleaned, messages to be left, contact to be made, and smiles to be smiled. So what are you waiting for?

Let Chaos Reign  xx


 For all band news, gigs, music etc, you'll find everything in   'The Band Page' 

In 'Country Roots' you'll find some info and music from the early days back in the 80's & 90's 

                     You can buy CD's through both pages                        They both open in new windows so just close them to come back here

    'Ironic History' is a little collection of stories i'm working on         all based in 19th century America, and all true. 


There's a solo page and a poetry page coming soon so please keep stopping by. And please leave a comment in the guestbook, I'd love to hear from you 



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